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Dr. J. E. Skandalakis'  Publications


Journal articles

Anastasiades B, Skandalakis JE.  Tuberculous hemorrhagic peritonitis.  Acad Med 122:3-7, 1949.

    Skandalakis JE.  Duplication of the renal pelvis and ureter and nephrolithiasis.  Acad Med 143:3-8, 1951.

    Skandalakis JE.  Volvulus of the stomach.  Acad Med 157:3-7, 1952.

    Skandalakis JE.  Spontaneous idiopathic hemorrhagic infarction of the greater omentum.  Surgical Review, March-April, 1954.

    Skandalakis JE.  Spontaneous idiopathic rupture of the healthy esophagus.  Acad Med 173, 1954.

    Skandalakis JE.  Mesenteric cyst:  A report of three cases.  J Med Assoc Ga 44:75-80, 1955.

    Hopkins WA, Skandalakis JE.  The treatment of cardiac arrest.  Am Surg 21:702-712, 1955.

    Whitaker WG, Skandalakis JE.  Familial polyposis of the colon.  J Med Assoc Ga 44:448-450, 1955.

    Hopkins WA, Skandalakis JE, Davis MB.  The treatment of cardiac arrest.  Geriatrics 11:1-7, 1956.

    Davis MB, Skandalakis JE, Hopkins WA, Rumble L, Jr.  Mechanisms and management of spontaneous pneumothorax.  J Med Assoc Ga 45:354-357, 1956.

    Skandalakis JE, Wood M, Jernigan SG, Pendergrast WJ.  Mixed mesodermal tumors of the uterus.  J Med Assoc Ga 46:200-203, 1957.

    Ambrose SS, Skandalakis JE.  Torsion of the appendix, epididymis and testis: Report of six episodes.  J Urol 77:51-58, 1957.

    Skandalakis JE, Godwin JT, Mabon RF.  Epidermoid cyst of the skull.  Surgery 43:990-1001, 1958.

    Matthews WA, Skandalakis JE, Mitchell MA, Weens HS.  Calcification in gastrointestinal malignancy.  Gastroenterology 34:959-968, 1958.

    Nicolson WP, Jr., Skandalakis JE. Control of postoperative pain.  J Med Assoc Ga 46:471-474, 1958.

    Skandalakis JE, Jones CS.  Management of acute cholecystitis.  J Med Assoc Ga 47:79-82, 1958.

    Skandalakis JE, Johnson RH, Rand EO.  Chronic idiopathic jaundice with unidentified pigment in liver cells.  J Med Assoc Ga 47:392-393, 1958.

    Lionakis B, Gray SW, Skandalakis JE, Hopkins WA.  Empyema in children.  A twenty-five-year study.  J Pediatr 53:719-725, 1958.

    Skandalakis JE, Rand EO, Poer DH.  Malignant tumors of the thyroid gland.  J Med Assoc Ga 47:165-171, 1958.

    Skandalakis JE, Acosta FV, Veatch JW, Jr.  Venous mesenteric thrombosis.  J Med Assoc Ga 47:222-228, 1958.

    Skandalakis JE, Gray SW, Macris A, Mitchell WE, Nicolson WP, Jr., McRae FW.  Carcinoma of the breast.  Surgery 45:912-929, 1959.

    Skandalakis JE, Vincenzi R, Rand EO, Poer DH.  Extra-adrenal retroperitoneal "nonfunctioning" paraganglioma:  Report of a case and review of the literature.  South Med J 52:1368-1370, 1959.

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